William H. Peacock, LCDR USN, Ret.
Mathematics Instructor
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Honors Trigonometry



Course Description:

        The Trigonometry course is designed for the students who will continue to Precalculus or for the college-bound student. Trigonometric topics include graphing, analyzing, and applying the six trigonometric functions. Scientific calculators are integrated throughout the course. Honors Trigonometry Course Objectives include, but are not limited to: The student will analyze, apply, and illustrate the properties of the unit circle. The student will determine trigonometric values, calculate the transformations of trigonometric functions and graph trigonometric functions on the coordinate plane. The student will utilize and apply trigonometric identities. The student will utilize trigonometric properties to solve real world problems.




Atlantic Technical High School


Trigonometry Honors (#1211300)



Teacher Name: William Peacock

Classroom Location:  2437

Phone Number: 754-321-5300 ext. 493-3136

Email Address: william.peacock@browardschools.com

Web Site: www.peacock-maths.org

Teacher Schedule:


Period 1: Honors Trigonometry

Period 2: Honors Statistics

Period 3: Planning

Period 4: Honors Trigonometry


Office Hours:

M-F: 1:50 pm – 2:30 pm

By appointment only.

Textbook/Supplementary Text(s):

Pearson Blitzer, Algebra and Trigonometry, 5th Edition    

High School Students are responsible for the care and return of all the required books and required materials/supplies on loan and will be issued an obligation for damaged or missing books and/or materials/supplies.

Note: An Online textbook may be accessed through the Single Sign-On Launch Pad available at http://sso.browardschools.com. You will need to download a program/plugin.  Instructions on how to do this can be found at http://browardschools.com/sso :

User ID: 10 digit student number

Password: PMM/DD/YYYY (Birthdate Preceded by a

capital ‘P’)


·         11/2” – 2” 3-ring binder

·         spiral notebook

·         Scientific calculator (if the student does not have a scientific calculator, one will be issued to them)





Broward County Schools Attendance Policy:

A student who has had at least five unexcused absences, or absences for which the reasons are unknown, within a calendar month, or 10 unexcused absences, or absences for which the reasons are unknown, within a 90-calendar-day period, may be exhibiting a pattern of non-attendance (F.S.1003.26 (1) (b)) and the School Board of Broward County, Policy 5.5.

This course is fast-paced and demanding. One topic builds on another. Daily participation is a must. You are responsible for all material presented in class, present or absent, including announcements about course procedures. Exams, quizzes, and homework may include questions on material presented only in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance. I do not reteach previous lessons. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to review the material covered, complete the assignments missed and if you require additional help see me or attend tutoring after school.

Tardies – In accordance with ATC student handbook.


To report a student absence, please call Ms. Gwen Boykin at 754-321-5300


BCS Grading System:


A     90 – 100%

B+ 87 – 89%

B     80 – 86%

C+ 77 – 79%

C    70 – 76%

D+ 67 – 69%

D    60 – 66%

F    0 – 59%

I     Incomplete

Additional Grading Information:

You must show all work, neatly and organized, or give an explanation to receive credit for all free response answers. All work in this course most be your own work IAW the Student Honor Code.

•  Tests: Tests are 60% of your total grade. Tests will normally cover 2 or 3 sections of a chapter. Books and/or notes are not allowed to be used at any time during a test. Violation of the student honor code will be handled IAW the ATC Student Handbook. Tests missed due to excused absences will be made up IAW the Student Code of Conduct.

•  Quizzes: Quizzes and/or class activities are 15% of your total grade. A quiz will be given on each section of a chapter. Normally, quizzes will be given after reviewing the book homework. Quizzes missed due to excused absences will be made up IAW the Student Code of Conduct.

•   Homework: Homework (or classwork/notes worksheets) is 10% of your total grade. Homework will be checked when assigned during the first 5-10 minutes of class. All work must be shown to receive credit, answers only will receive no credit. All work must be neat and organized. Full credit for a homework assignment is 2 points (100%). Partially completed homework will receive half credit, 1 point (50%). No late homework will be accepted.

•   Class Notes Notebook: Class Notes Notebook is 10% of your total grade. The Notebook will be graded on a scale of 0 to 100, based on completeness, neatness and organization. Late notebooks will be graded IAW the ATC student handbook.

•   Class Participation Grade: Class participation is 5% of your total grade. Class participation includes, but is not limited to; paying attention during class, note taking, participating in class discussions, asking/answering questions, working class problems (your turn, etc.) Full participation credit is 2 points (100%). Partial participation is half credit, 1 point (50%). No participation or disrupting class is a zero. Sleeping in class and use of unauthorized electronic devices in class will also result in a zero.

•   Makeup work: All makeup homework will be completed in accordance with the student handbook. However, previously assigned work is due the day of return. Makeup homework will be presented during the normal homework check upon your return to class. Makeup tests or quizzes will be completed in class on the day of return to class. Makeup tests, quizzes and homework not completed within the required time period will be assigned a grade of zero.



View Your Grades:


Grades can be viewed online by accessing FOCUS through the Broward Schools Single Sign-

On (SSO) launch pad. (Same as online text books).


Single Sign-On Launch Pad available at http://sso.browardschools.com. You will need to download a

program/plugin.  Instructions on how to do this can be found at http://browardschools.com/sso 


Class Policies and Procedures


•    Math Notebooks:  2 notebooks total – one 3-ring binder notebook (class notes worksheets, handouts, and class activities) and one spiral notebook (book homework).

     The class notes notebook (3-ring binder) will be maintained as follows;

    1. Used to keep all class note worksheets, class activities and other handouts.

     2. Will be divided and organized by chapter/sections in order of assignment.

     3. When absent, students are responsible for obtaining missed notes.

     4. Class notes notebook will graded by chapter/sections on the test. The notebook will be collected the day of each test and graded.

     The homework notebook (spiral notebook) will be maintained as follows;

     1. Heading on the top of the first page of a homework assignment. Heading shall include assignment chapter, problems assigned, name, period and date.

     2. Show all work to receive credit for homework assignments. Work must be neat and organized.

     3. Homework will be checked at the beginning of class when assigned.


•   Scientific Calculator: required for class everyday.

    1. Solutions found from a calculator must be supported by suitable work.

     2. Use on classwork and homework.

3. Only scientific calculators can be used on quizzes and tests.


    •    Students are required to bring their notebooks and calculator to class each day. Failure to

         do so will affect your ability to complete this course satisfactorily.


Restroom Passes:

         Restroom passes are only to be used for their stated purpose and should normally take about 5 minutes. Only one person at a time will be allowed to go to the restroom. A restroom pass will be posted, just go and return the pass. You do not have to ask permission. The restroom pass cannot be used during any test or quiz, until it has been completed and turned in. Restroom passes are a privilege. If a student abuses their restroom privileges, then they lose them.


Electronic Devices:

         IAW the student code of conduct and ATC student handbook, forbidden devices include, but are not limited to laptops, tablets, iPods, mp3 players, headphones/earbuds, smart watches and cell phones. These devices are required to be turned off and out of sight upon entering the classroom. Consequences; 1st offense – warning, 2nd offense – confiscated and turned into office, 3rd offense – confiscated and referral. Any tablets, smart watches or cell phones out and in sight during a quiz or test will be considered cheating and will result in a zero and be confiscated.


Classroom Rules:

         #1- Be prepared for class.

         #2- Do not disrupt the class (talking, horseplay, joking around, etc.).

         #3- Remain in assigned seat.

         #4- Participate in all class activates (note taking, working problems, etc.).

         #5-Class starts and ends IAW the bell schedule.


Consequences of breaking the above rules are IAW the ATC student handbook.

Note: Please refer to the Atlantic Technical High School Student Handbook for a complete explanation of school policies regarding late schoolwork, the Honor Code, Dress Code, etc. 
District Policies can be found at the Broward County Public Schools Code Book for Student Conduct: http://bcps.browardschools.com/codeofconduct.asp.

Course Description:

The Honors Statistics course is designed to introduce students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students will be exposed to several broad conceptual themes of statistics such as exploring data, planning a study, probability, modeling and anticipating patterns, and statistical inference. Students will learn standard statistical terms and techniques through presentation of real world cases. Technology will be an integral part of the course. Students will be expected to use the TI-84 graphing calculator to perform their analyses, to present their findings, and to investigate topics visually.


Course Standards: